Evacuated tube collector outlook like Flat Plate Collector

Evacuated tube collector outlook like Flat Plate Collector

Model No.︰EFT-001

Brand Name︰-

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰10 pc

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Product Description

Building Integrated Solar Collector (BISC)      
               ------Looks like Flat Plate Colletor , Inside is Evacuated tube Collector
                    ---- Suitable for cold in Winter Area (Evacuated tube) 

   with additional curtain, it can prevent the solar collector from over-heating.
The curtain can open /close automatically at certain temperature by the controller  through  the sensor in the hot water tank.  In this way to prevent from over heating.

1) Vacuum tubes with heatpipe :8pcs (tube diameter: 58mm, length 1800mm) 
2) Imported CPC reflector under Vacuum tubes
3) Frame: Aluminium alloy with anti-UV black powder coating
4) Glazing: lower-iron clear tempered glass which can sustain 40mm hailstones impact.
5) Inlet/outlet: 22mm straight cu tube or G3/4" Male thread
6)CPC reflecting rate: 95%
7)Curtain Controller(input/output: DC12V)

Size :1980x1010x110mm

Packing︰ export standard

Standards Certificate︰ EN12975

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