Solar oven and hot boiling water Maker 500ml

Solar oven and hot boiling water Maker 500ml

Model No.︰STB 500

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Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Make Hot Boil Water just by Sunlight!

    You may request hot boiling  water when you would like to have:

          ------ a cup of tea in your travel

             -------a cup of coffee in your lovely garden

                 ------- pasteurize steam water during camping/hiking

How to get hot boiling water without an electric plug ?

              Easy !  Use our HOT BOILING WATER MAKER 500

 How it works:

*Feeding the water in to the bottle

*Put it under the Sun

*Waiting 10mins , the water in the bottle becomes warm and another 10mins, it will begin to boil 
        ----Fantastic& Magic


Vacuum Glass tube design :      
Inside water is boiling , but outside of tube is still at ambient temperature
    ***  thermos bottle like to keep water warm much longer time

product size:  400mm X 150mm X100mm (Easy Handling)

Volume: 500ml


Packing︰ carton

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