Solar water Boiler and Small Oven for Camping

Solar water Boiler and Small Oven for Camping

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Product Description

Make Hot Boil Water just by Sunlight!

Thanks to its vacuum design , You can make hot water by our boiler even in Winter at low ambient temperature and with heavy wind.

You may request hot boiling water when you would like to have:

------ a cup of tea in your travel

-------a cup of coffee in your lovely garden

------- pasteurize steam water during camping/hiking

How to get hot boiling water without an electric plug ?


How it works:

*Feeding the water in to the bottle

*Put it under the Sun

*Waiting 10mins , the water in the bottle becomes warm and another 10mins, it will begin to boil ----Fantastic& Magic


Vacuum Glass tube design :        

Inside water is boiling , but outside of tube is still at ambient temperature

*** thermos bottle like to keep water warm much longer time

product size: 450mm X 100mm X100mm (Easy Handling)

Volume: 500ml

Packing︰ 1pc/ctn

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